“I have no choice but to get stronger” - Yeo Wool

"I am actually a romantic person, in spite the apperance. If I was ever to marry, the girl had to be the love of my life."

I have always been asking myself this question: Am I a memory? Or is the memory, me? Are we nothing but a collection of memories?

Human memories are too vague. Thinking something has color when it doesn’t, making things more dramatic than they really are, glorify things. It gives new greater meaning than what was actually there. That is why I never believed in any of this talk about “beautiful memories.”

— Yano Motoharu, Bokura Ga ita (We Were There)

Literally live by this quote


No one actually knows what’s best or what the future holds. Until you actually see the results, no one ever knows. So at the very least, why don’t we rely on what we do know. Let’s keep the feelings that we have right now precious. Even though it seems like our lives never change, they slowly do. And just like how we never notice… the changing of the seasons… the same goes for our hearts." - Nanami Takahashi 

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